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Everyone wants to look and feel their best, right?  At Down Under Fitness, we are committed to ensuring that each of our clients receive the guidance and coaching needed to create the best version of themselves.  Whether it is your first time stepping foot into a gym or you can run a five minute mile without breaking a sweat, we will strive to make sure you get the challenging and rewarding workouts you deserve every time you walk through the doors.  

At Down Under Fitness, “Ya Get Out What Ya Put In!”  We believe that attitude is everything.  A positive attitude is stronger than any muscle in the body and our classes are a testimony to that week in and week out.  The workouts are both challenging and fun and the camaraderie is truly unique within our fitness community.  We create a positive and rewarding environment within the gym to help maximize your fitness potential and well-being.  Our class format is different every day of the week and we are constantly adapting it to get better results for our clients. 

At Down Under, we care about fitness as a lifestyle all year round and are dedicated to educating our clients about all aspects of healthy living.  In addition to providing a challenging workout schedule, we work to educate our clients about healthy eating and lifestyle choices.  Our clients are the proof that better health choices lead to stronger workouts and effectively help each individual achieve their own personal fitness goals.  We know through experience that what you put in your body matters just as much as what you put your body through in a workout.

Down Under Fitness has a partnership with Whole30®  (http://whole30.com) We encourage you to take a look at our Nutrition page.  

Come on in and Have a Crack!  Let us help you change “I have to go to the gym” to “I can’t wait to go to the gym!”   The coaches, clients and classes at Down Under will have you feeling fitter and stronger in no time.









I simply love Down Under Fitness!!!! Percy is the best trainer anyone could ask for and the camaraderie between all the members who go is like nothing I’ve ever experienced before.  The atmosphere is so relaxed and we don’t wear fancy gear. Everyone does their own best and no matter what level everyone is there to encourage one another. Come give it a try you won’t regret it. 


About 6 months ago I found myself up 30lbs over the last few years. I was in the worst shape of my life and all the crazy starvation things I did when I was younger weren’t working at age 40. I was tired all the time and felt like I lost control of my body. I’ve never enjoyed exercise and I knew I needed something different so I asked my friend Jay (Gags) about his gym he smiled and said come with me Monday night.  After one class I felt like I was going to die and I hated it. But I really liked Percy. He was the perfect combination of patient, positive and demanding. I also really liked the people at the gym everyone was really friendly and supportive in a genuine way. I saw how much they enjoyed it and my stubbornness kicked in and said I’m gonna stick with this until I like it. 6 months later I love it and if time permitted I would go every day but I usually try to get there 4-5 times a week. I don’t go because of guilt I go because I love it, how it makes me feel and the progress I’ve made.  Percy has instilled proper technique, breathing and counting reps. The results are great! I’ve lost weight but I don’t even step on the scale any more. I judge myself by how I look in the mirror (not great but way less gross)how my clothes fit (from XL to let’s say extra medium)how many burpees I can do (10 in 20 seconds!) and most importantly how I feel (Great!!!!) With the help of Percy I have also started to eat clean which has resulted in my year long allergies practically going away and my psoriasis going away!!!! This has been life changing for me and I am so grateful to Percy and the D.U.F crew for their continued support.


I just completed my first year at Down Under Fitness, and it is certainly the best thing I have ever done for my fitness. It has been tough at times and but I have learned that mental toughness is as important as the physical side of the work outs. No negative self talk! I know if I get myself there and  walk through the door it’s going to happen. Percy and the gang will keep you going even when you don’t think you can. 

Every day of the week is a different format at DUF, which always keeps it interesting. If I find myself avoiding a particular day it means that’s the day I have to get to. One of the most unexpected benefits is Percy emphasizes is how to breathe, dialing in your breathing lets you focus and take control during the workouts. I now use this in all my other sports and recreation and its invaluable. 

Another unexpected benefit to joining DUF is the partnership with The Whole30 nutrition plan. I have done 3 “Whole30s” in the last year and after each one lost weight, slept like a log and generally felt great. The Whole30 Facebook during group Whole30s is always great for recipe ideas and general inspiration. My first year at DUF has been tough but worth every second and I am fitter, stronger and more flexible than I have been in years. #bestgymever 

We have been working out at  Down Under Fitness (formerlyGetMoFit) for close to four years.  The results have been great – improved cardio endurance, strength and flexibility.  (If you thought you were “working out” or “working up a sweat” in whatever you are doing on your own or at a big box gym, you may be in for an adjustment, but it’s all for the better!).  Each day will be different, which keeps the workouts varied and interesting.   

What really sets it apart are the people – Percy is a great instructor who will keep you motivated and ensure you are performing all of the exercises correctly.  The sense of community is fantastic.  We have met many new friends, and everyone is supportive and encouraging.  As new people join, Percy and all the members will make sure they will feel welcomed.  In addition to the workouts, the focus on proper nutrition and diet WILL be hugely impactful – mentally and physically.    

Give it a try.  You will be glad you did!   


I joined Down Under Fitness nearly 3 years ago after hearing about the gym through my wife.  I weighed in at an all-time high of 220 pounds and in the worst shape of my life.  I clearly needed to stop the downward cycle and Down Under Fitness gave me that necessary change.  The classes that Down Under Fitness provide are tailored to all skill levels and will push you to limits you never thought possible.  The positive workout environment is what separates Down Under Fitness from other gyms.  Percy (the trainer) does an excellent job acknowledging personal achievements and providing personal instruction / tips to those that are trying something new and are out of their comfort zone.  In addition, the gym has a great nutrition partner with Whole30.  It wasn’t until this past year that I realized that nutrition was just as important as working out.  I’ve gone from dreading my 5:30AM wake-up call to absolutely loving it.  Thank you Down Under Fitness for what you’ve done for me!   Isn’t your body worth the investment? 

Colin Arsenault


October 21st 2013 was my first day at Down Under-Fitness, just 4 months after my first son was born. Fast forward 6 years and still going strong!!! Love DUF, the people, the encouragement and everything about it!! This by far is the best gym ever and the only gym I’ve ever stuck with. Whether you are looking for a little friendly completion or just looking to get your physical fitness going, this is the place. Whatever your fitness level is, you will fit right in. Do yourself a favor, give it a try, you will not regret it! And the people are pretty awesome too!

Just remember you get out what you put in! Best thing I’ve learned from the best coach around! I can finally do a couple of push-ups from my toes and looking forward to the challenge and doing more! Thank you Percy for always encouraging me and pushing me to do better! 


It’s hard to remember what it was like before joining Down Under Fitness.  As a mid thirties mother of three, I felt sluggish, always tired and hated life, especially getting up in the morning.  This was no way to live!  My neighbor was hounding me about joining her gym.  She is super competitive, so I was skeptical.  It turned out to be the best decision I’ve made for myself.  The only person I compete with everyday is myself-last year’s self, last month’s self.  It gave my life a whole new purpose, not to mention the amazing people and friendships that  I have created.  I now have a fire and drive to do a little more every morning when I walk in to the gym, run a little faster, push a little harder.  I look forward to Percy and that 5:30 am crew cheering me on, encouraging me to work harder, feel better and more accomplished, and having a crack at each workout.  It’s an amazing feeling -Because you are only given one body, and if you don’t take care of it, no one else will.  Thank you Percy for creating this amazing environment, It really has been life changing! 

Sara Santos

My decision to join Down Under Fitness kick started a new chapter in my fitness and overall health.  I’ve always been a regular exerciser and have tried many different forms of fitness (yoga, barre, kettle to name a few) to keep things fresh.   Boredom or lack of results led to a repeat cycle – try something new, stagnate, move-on, until I found Down Under.   Under Percy’s encouragement, I strive for the next level with each work out and the group format is fun and supportive.      

I’ve been doing Down Under Fitness for one year now and it has been life changing, both physically and mentally.  I’ve completed three Whole 30s, something I never would have believed I could do before joining Down Under.  I love my gym and I love the results – down a jean size!

Susan D.

I love working out at Down Under!  It has changed the way I look at exercising - I actually look forward to getting to a workout!  The workouts are always challenging and I love that they are never the same.  The environment is so supportive that it creates positive relationships between everyone there.  Even when I think I can't do something, they tell me I can.  My inner determination has grown because of the support and camaraderie from everyone there.    

Percy is always there to push you past where you think you can go and knows how to motivate each person to his or her personal best. He consistently encourages each of us to challenge ourselves physically and mentally and is always cheering individual successes.  I have made such strong friendships through Down Under that go way beyond the gym doors.  I have never felt so strong - inside and out!  

Bonnie Schnitzler

“I started working out with Percy around one year ago and I have never been in better shape, which is great as I am in my 50’s and I want to stay active and healthy.      
The workouts are always different and challenging.  Percy keeps track of my progress and helps me to push the envelope at the pace that works for me.
The best part is that my classmates are fun and supportive and we aways have a good time”.      

Jen “huthy” Hauhuth

I started working out with Percy a year and a half ago.  I came to the gym because I had won a gift certificate, and had not done any type of physical exercise in quite a while, I was 58, fat and happy as they say.  Percy, and everyone in the gym, are supportive, encouraging, and non-judgmental.  Never in a million years would I have imagined that I, first of all, am still going, and secondly, actually do the exercises that I do.  I know you always hear, you’ll have so much more energy, you feel so much better about yourself and I never bought one word of it. Now, I am going to tell you, I have so much more energy, I really do, at the end of the day I will realize how much I accomplished without sitting down.  I have more confidence in my exercise abilities, Percy pushes you to reach your potential.

Mary Donnelly

I joined Down Under almost 2 years ago. My intention was to increase my speed for running and lose some weight. After training here, I was hooked on these workouts, atmosphere, group support and training! I achieved what I came for plus so much more. Percy has truly changed my life for the better. I no longer worry about my weight or counting calories. Sticking to the nutrition plan and being dedicated to what Down Under offers, I am in the best shape of my life! Most importantly, I feel incredible.. More energy, better sleep, amazing clarity and a whole new attitude on my health. Who wouldn't want that!! 

Alyssa Lamparski


"I once paid for a gym for a full year and went twelve times.  I joined Down Under Fitness three years ago and haven't missed a week since (Ok, maybe once).  The difference at Down Under is I find myself constantly challenged, hungry for the next workout, surrounded by positivity and encouragement and an overall desire to get there as often as possible.  The classes, the camaraderie and the trainers are all equally inspiring and push me to reach my potential, both physically and mentally.  Down Under has been such a positive force in my life and I've gained some great friends along the way too.  I highly suggest trying it out if you're sick of paying for a gym that doesn't inspire or push you to become better."
-Kyle Dunne

Percy always says, “Ya get out what ya put in”.  Well, at Down Under Fitness there’s something that always makes you put in MORE, so that you always get out MORE. It’s the challenge from Percy.  It’s the encouragement from your classmates. It’s the satisfaction you get from finishing a workout that seemed out of reach. The workouts are ones I WANT to go to.  In fact, my husband and I usually have to fight over who gets to go each morning (5:30am class rocks!).  Percy always ensures every workout is unique, challenging, fulfilling and FUN. And, he is amazing at adapting the workouts to any skill level.  With both my pregnancies, I was able to go to Down Under Fitness through 39 weeks.  I never felt better and was able to resume at 6 weeks postpartum feeling great.  Thank you, Percy! If you haven’t checked out Down Under Fitness yet, NOW is the time!.

Samira Cwanek

I am so happy that I found DUF. I’m fairly new to the area and was having a hard time finding motivation to maintain my fitness regime. DUF is perfect for me because it’s a different workout every session and everyone is positive with a dose of “friendly competition”. The sessions are quick and effective which is perfect for the busy professionals like myself! When I joined DUF I was in a rut…8 months later, I’m down at least 15 lbs and have been very consistent. Percy is great and pushes everyone to their potential. He always says “just get in the door and he’ll do the rest”…that’s 100% true. I would recommend DUF to anyone! It’s worth it.


For the past few years I’ve been struggling with mild depression, work, daily stresses and a general lack of passion for something that I cared about.  The routine of life and turning 40 had definitely set in.  The dreaded “mid-life crisis.”  What a pathetic cliché I had allowed myself to become.  Sure, the outside-self powered through the day…day after day after day; but the dark hole inside was getting deeper and deeper and the inner voices of self-doubt louder and louder.  Time to do something about this and change things up drastically because I definitely wasn’t the husband or father that I wanted to be for my wife and daughter.  Little did I know that there was a little gym down the road with such incredible people lead by an inspiring and dedicated Aussie (shout out to Shannon Fuscaldo).  It’s been 5 months since I joined Down Under Fitness and from day 1 I knew it was the best decision I’d made in a long time.  “Ya get out what ya put in, gang,” resonates not only at the gym as I’m struggling through a workout, but daily for me.  Competition fueled me as young bloke.  It focused me, allowed for the escape necessary to separate from the days challenges and provided a sense of achievement when goals were set and surpassed.  Needed a sense of competition and physical growth back in my life.  The atmosphere at Down Under Fitness and the expectation that Percy brings to each and every workout restored that competitive edge.  So, gym awesome, people amazing, Percy inspiring, worked myself into a groove and feeling pretty good about the gains I’d made.  January W30…next challenge that personally didn’t think I could manage but also felt as if I couldn’t keep my name off that dam white board.  Positive attitude, attaining personal goals and accountability…not just a gym.  January 1 weighed in at 221 lbs @ 27% body fat, feeling pretty good since id been working hard since September less the diet.  Everyone was raving about how this W30 thing would bring the gym experience to the next level.  A bit of a sceptic for sure but worth the try.  Admittedly, I struggled through the first few weeks.  My body was trying to get used to everything and I was trying to get by without my normal go-to salty/fatty/boozy treats late in the week or after a stressful day.  Come the third week I was losing the cravings, sleeping great, waking up with energy, my sense of taste was changing, but I did notice that my stamina at the gym was lacking.  I had to eat more food to compensate and once I did that I was feeling great.  At the end of the month I was down to 207lbs @ 20% body fat; I felt great and changed some really destructive habits.  As I started out saying, your calling in life is to inspire people.  Best bloody gym ever…    

Thanks for everything thus far,


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